Leadership McMinn

Athens Area Chamber Of Commerce 

The program, designed to prepare Tomorrow’s Community Leaders, continues to be the premier Leadership Development Program of the Chamber. Now in it’s 19th year the class continues to be as diversified as those in the past. It is composed of representatives from all walks of life in our community: Retirees; Industry; Civic Clubs; Education; Services; Government; Retail; Financial; etc . Many of the community leaders of today are graduates of the nine-month program. Myone seeking education on all phases of our community should not miss the opportunity to enroll!

Leadership McMinn

Leadership McMinn is a program sponsored by the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce designed to develop, train, motivate and recognize future leadership among the citizens of McMinn County.

The program is specifically designed to produce personal and professional growth, benefits for the individuals and to assist in achieving the desired community goals for the county. The select group of 25 individuals will be exposed to the people, agencies, organizations and ideas that can speed their maturation as community leaders. Participants have the opportunity to increase their self-worth and self-esteem, build a more positive identity and set up professional credentials and become more informed about events and information regarding McMinn County.

Their involvement will also benefit the county in the challenging decades ahead. They will have the chance to influence events surrounding the development of the county, to make significant contributions to its image and to shape its direction.

Once selected, the group will participate in monthly meetings consisting of day-long programs focused on specific areas of interest such as local industry, government structure, services and community involvement. The program will last for nine months and will be aimed at giving the group an exposure to the community and the community to them.

Major criteria for selection includes leadership potential, interest in the community, willingness to fully participate, potential for long term residence in McMinn County and the ability to receive sponsorship. Successful completion of the program will require time and commitment, but for meeting that challenge the rewards to participants and the community can be great!

Enthusiastic support of the Board of Directors assures achievement of Leadership McMinn’s goal.

George Bernard Shaw

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and, as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.